The Basic Intensive Care Medicine (BICMed) Course

This course was introduced in 2007, largely due to the efforts of Dr Nai An Lai, as an introductory course for junior and general trainees rostered to the RAH ICU for 3-6 month rotations.

The course runs over a 12 week cycle, repeating 4 times per year, with the intention of allowing all general trainees rostered to the unit the opportunity to attend. The course is run on Friday afternoons from 15:00-17:00, except public holidays. Many of the sessions are divided into 2 phases, with a preliminary lecture followed by an interactive tutorial with a "hands-on" component.

Every opportunity will be made to release trainees from clinical dutes during these sessions, i.e. the senior trainees and consultants will carry phones and pagers, and trainees not rostered-on are expected to attend.

The course syllabus remains "in evolution", with the current topic list including

  1. Introduction to Intensive Care Medicine
    • Illness and Physiological Reserve
    • Basic Approach to ICU Patients
  2. Basic Cardiovascular Medicine
    • Haemodynamic Monitoring, Shock
    • Vasoactive agents
  3. Basic and Advanced Life Support
  4. Basic Respiratory Medicine 1
    • Airway Management, Respiratory Monitoring
  5. Basic Respiratory Medicine 2
    • Respiratory Failure & Mechanical Ventilation
  6. Trauma Management
  7. Basic ICU Neurology
    • Assessment, Sedation & CT Head
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
  8. Gastrointestinal Issues in ICU
    • Nutrition, Gastrointestinal Dysmotility
    • CT abdomen
  9. Renal Medicine in the ICU
    • Renal Failure, Renal Replacement Therapy
  10. Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Sepsis & MODS
  11. Haematological and Oncological Issues in ICU
    • Anaemia, Transfusion medicine, Coagulopathy
    • Venous Thrombo-embolism
    • Haematological and Oncological emergencies
  12. Course Summary
    • ICU Quiz, Summary, Feedback

General information about the course can be obtained from Dr Alex Wurm.

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