Mahesh Umapathysivam


Dr Adam Deane, Prof Michael Horowitz, A/Prof Chris Rayner

Year 2012
Mark Honours 1st Class


Mahesh Umapathysivam is a medical student at the University of Adelaide. In 2012, he completed his Honours degree in the Discipline of Acute Care Medicine. Mahesh was based in the Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital where he was able to contribute to their research into glucose control in the critically ill. He also contributed to the Centre for Clinical Research Excellence in nutritional physiology research into incretin hormones. Mahesh's study explored the prolonged and continuous use of the incretin hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), a novel treatment of hyperglycaemia.GLP-1 has shown promise in the treatment of critical illness induced hyperglycaemia, an illness seen commonly in the ICU.