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Having moderate computing skills, I created all of my study notes on a PC. Back in 1990 when I started my primary, I used a wordprocessor called 'Lotus Amipro'. This is still an excellent tool but unfortunately the files are not easily portable to other formats.

As an interim measure, I have published the files to Adobe PDF format. While this makes them readily portable, it does remove the ability to edit/change the files. Thus, the files will suffer a decay of currency with time, however they may form a useful guide for the breadth and depth of study required for the ANZCA examinations.

As an aid to training, prior to sitting the ANZCA fellowship exam I wrote a 'Biochemistry Profiles' program in a utility called Toolbook. This was quite popular, however disappeared due to incompatibility with later versions of Windows. The file will run, providing you install a current 'Toolbook Runtime Engine', which can be downloaded from:

Simply install the latest runtime engine (11.5) and then download and copy the TBK file to a directory of your choice. Double-clicking the BIOCHEM1.TBK file should launch automatically, if not, then right-click and select 'Open With', navigate to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ToolBook\TBSystem' and select the file 'TB115RUN.EXE', having checked the box "Always use for this file type".

Recently (2008) I have started to update some of the primary files. This will be a (very) slow project and has been stimulated by the establishment of a primary sciences course here at the RAH.

Another useful site is the Queensland Anaesthesia site maintained by Kerry Brandis. This site has a number of useful links and copies of the infamous "black banks" available for download.

Another set of notes which are very useful are Statistics Notes - Alan McLintic

Should you find any problems with the files, or have any other general comments, please e-mail me.

Mark Finnis

Intensive Care Notes
  File Size (kB) Updated
  Cardiovascular 823
  CNS Notes 669
  Connective Tissue Diseases 77
  ECG Notes 141
  Endocrinology 678
  Equipment 176
  GIT Notes 324
  Haematology 425
  Maternal & Neonatal 411
  Microbiology 610
  Nutrition 146
  Outcome in ICU 67
  Paediatric Notes 457
  Radiology 119
  Renal and GUS 276
  Respiratory 532
  Statistics 104
  Toxicology 213
  Trauma and EMST 231

Anaesthesia Fellowship Notes
  File Size (kB) Updated
  Anatomy 793
  Cardiovascular 623
  ECG Notes 141
  Concurrent Disease 381
  Anaesthesia Equipment 833
  General Notes 209
  Haematology 236
  Neuromuscular Disorders 168
  Neurosurgery 556
  Obstetrics 704
  Paediatrics 605
  Thoracics 240

ANZCA Primary Examination Notes
  File Size (kB) Updated
  Autonomic Pharmacology 481
  Cardiovascular Pharmacology 387
  Inhalational Agents 295
  Intravenous Agents 316
  Local Anaesthetics 460
  Neuromuscular Blocking Agents 211 2008
  Opioid Agents 198
  Physics and Measurement 170
  Cardiovascular Physiology 727
  Endocrine Physiology 511
  Fluids and Electrolytes 432
  Gastrointestinal Physiology 112
  Immunology 163
  Maternal and Neonatal Physiology 107
  Renal Physiology 387
  Respiratory Physiology 1025